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Ninghai Suixi Stationery Co.,Ltd.
   Ninghai Stationery Co., Ltd. is located in Chinese at stationery production base of Ningbo Ninghai science and Technology Park, nine road No. 6. The company has more than 40 employees, including a number of professors and technicians. It has been developing new products and technological innovation for a long time. It has the honorable title of China's well-known trademark "solid and easy glue", the best supplier in China, and is responsible for drafting five industry standards and national standards.   Two enterprises of 00 a year in November through the ISO9001 quality system demonstration, Chinese is the first COGC quality supervision and identification, China stationery industry advanced unit, provincial science and technology progress, the integrity of the enterprise chuang'an demonstration unit, the provincial industrial and commercial enterprise credit units, quality commitment demonstration units and so on, at the same time, enterprises in the domestic stationery industry also showed a significant the status of drafting Chinese student supplies safety standards, solid glue national standards, national standards, correction fluid mud national standard, is the city of adhesive industry chairman unit. The production scale of chemical stationery is second in China and the first in the province.
2017-10-26 in the morning, the Sixth China (Ninghai) International Stationery Industry Expo and outdoor goods exhibition opened at the International Convention and Exhibition Center. The Deputy Secretary of the county committee, the head of the county Lin Jian, and the deputy head of the county, Wang Hongfei, visited the exhibition.
This book, glue products, modified products, writing pen, art articles... Although the students have been in the summer vacation, they believe that the children's contact with these products will not be reduced. The latest test results show that the partial solid glue free formaldehyde project is not qualified. I have to see Baba, these substandard products, you have. Pay attention to the children in the future.
Before and after school, quality supervision departments of supervision and sampling of the pen, paper, book covers and other stationery, exposed a number of detection of toxic substances or exceed the standard of the inferior products. In response, Zhuhai emergency office recently issued the manual for stationery preparation, listing six kinds of special "poison" stationery, providing discriminating information for the public from the outside, smell and color, guiding people to choose safe and reliable stationery, so as to avoid hurting children.